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Several years back, Paul Caraway, took a series of classes at the local Cable company for videography, editing, and production. During that time the physical equipment was huge. Now what required a computer the size of a refrigerator to edit and add special effects can be performed on a laptop. The High Definition video camera can fit in the palm of your hand. Several years had passed and he simply forgot about his skills.

The problem in the Internet Marketing Industry is rather simple... most people don't know how or are afraid to create a simple Promotional Video.

Then, one day, while he surfed for traffic; it suddenly became crystal clear in his mind.

Internet Marketing Success... One Video At A Time...

If he took his EZ Promo Video process and used it for his online business instead; he could use the very best tools available, pay his program fees, buy some extra advertising and have a bit of money left over so he could take advantage of new opportunities when they presented themselves!

Today, Paul produces videos with his mentor generating seven figure income. And it all started when he realized he could share his talent to help others create videos so they too can have a profitable online business.

Now, finally, after much begging and pleading, Paul has revealed the processes, he uses to get started building an empire, in an amazing report called Video Tips.

It's a remarkable report for being so slight; the entire plan only takes minutes to read.

But, once you have read it, you will find its every word to be pure gold.

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